POZ Review: Wild Nothing – Empty Estate

When Wild Nothing released its newest single, “A Dancing Shell”, critics everywhere raved about the hot track. With so much excitement built up on this EP, Jack Tatum was expected to step up his musical game. So he ventured all the way to Brooklyn to record the EP, where a new setting certainly awakened another side of the artistic genius within him. All 7 songs on Empty Estate flow smoothly along a musical current that leads to a waterfall of wonderful sound.

Empty Estate is the type of EP that can’t be interrupted— it deserves to be played all the way through, from beginning to end. “The Body In Rainfall” opens the floodgates of sound with grooving guitars and killer keyboards to create the dreamiest of dream pop. “Ocean Repeating (Big-Eyed Girl)” follows the wave as Tatum describes a mystical woman whose features are emphasized with piercing synthesizers. “I’m not trying to catch her or to carry her weight. I only wanted to chase her through the empty estate,” Tatum sings.

With sensational single “A Dancing Shell” aside, other standout tracks are definitely “Ride” and “Data World.” Both have multiple layers to them, packed with pop, rock and electronic influences that all reek of that sweet 80’s funk.

The same can be said about “On Guyot,” which has a hypnotic quality about it. No vocals are necessary as floating synthesizers gently carry us somewhere more serene than we’ve ever been. The EP closes with “Hachiko,” an instrumental outro that sounds more like an array of chimes blowing in the ocean’s breeze in some distant paradise.

Wild Nothing doesn’t leave us empty. Instead, Jack Tatum fills the listener with pure delight as they absorb his magnificently mixed melodies. Empty Estate will be a go-to album for anyone who is compiling his or her own summer soundtrack, and personally, I am truly, madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love with this EP.


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