POZ Preview: Most Anticipated May/June Releases

Thirty Seconds To Mars – LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS- May 21

Thirty Seconds To Mars always seems to go for the most intricate and inspiring album titles. The Los Angeles based rockers have not released an album since This Is War came out in 2009, but still managed to embark on sold out world tours over the past few years. Their upcoming fourth album, Love, Lust, Faith & Dreams is supposed to be “provocative”. 30STM has instigated an evolution and condensed it into the form of 12 songs.

In anticipation of the new album, 30STM premiered the first single, “Up In The Air” live at NASA’s mission control complex after launching it into outer space with astronauts aboard a SpaceX rocket. If that’s not out of this world, then I don’t know what is.

The electronically influenced single was also turned into an artistic and dramatic music video that contains a variety of things including a heard of zebras, masked drummers, gymnasts performing colorful routines, and Dita Von Teese strip teasing while riding a pink mechanical bull. Of course Jared Leto makes a few appearances—he is a professional actor, after all. The band’s signature addition of fans chanting in unison has also been re-utilized.

Oh, and don’t forget about the random bits of French—it wouldn’t be a 30STM music video without someone speaking in French at some point. (Viewer discretion is advised for anyone with epilepsy or conditions that result in seizures.)

So what can we expect from Love, Lust, Faith & Dreams? Well, if incessant chanting doesn’t appeal to you, stray far away from this album. Thirty Seconds To Mars is stomping on new territory and they want everyone to hear it. Look out world, The Echelon are coming.

Marianas Trench- Face the Music EP – May 14

Across the border, Marianas Trench has been eagerly waiting to release their newest EP, Face the Music. Lead singer Josh Ramsay gained recognition this past year once it was revealed that he was the mastermind behind Carly Rae Jepsen’s breakout single, “Call Me Maybe”.

Face the Music will feature two songs from Marianas Trench’s last full-length album, Ever After (“Desperate Measures” and “Haven’t Had Enough”) as well two other songs. This EP marks the first release on the band’s new label, Cherrytree Records. In support of the release, Marianas Trench has been on tour.

3OH!3- Omens – June 18

It’s been approximately three years since 3OH!3 has released an album, and for some reason, that has me all hot and bothered. Pushing back “Omens” was unexpected, but after listening to “Back to Life,” maybe the duo re-considered the direction that the album should be headed in. I’m not crediting Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte for their song-writing abilities, but they sure do know how to make us all feel like we’re having a good time whether we’re at a house party or alone in our bedrooms. Expect to hear something ridiculously awesome on June 18.


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