POZ Previews: Our Must-See Bands & Acts @ Skate & Surf Festival + Warped Tour

Skate & Surf Festival:


The 24-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter has a way of enchanting anyone who listens to her synth-pop tunes. With a traveling background as a missionary child, Lights takes the crowd on an adventure of their own to a digital dimension where music is the only savior. Her most recent album, Siberia was nominated for “Pop Album of the Year” at the Juno Awards last year. Don’t let Lights’ “manic pixie dream girl” physique fool you—she goes hard at live shows, especially when the heavy electronic beat start pulsing. Lights is always a delight to watch, so definitely don’t miss out on her set—it’s bound to be electrifying.

There must be something in the water. All of the indie bands from Florida that I have been introduced to over the years are top notch. As the first band on Max Bemis’ record company, Rory Records, Matt Segallos, Christopher Brickman, and Glenn Espinoza had high expectations to live up to, but so far, the Tampa-based band has done extremely well with their 2012 EP, Bloodlines. While they’re still new to the scene, Tallhart’s sound can best be described as softcore rage, something that most of us would find pleasing to the ears. Tallhart will get your adrenaline pumping almost as hard as Six Flags’ roller coasters.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
I have already had the pleasure of watching this dynamic duo perform live, so from my own personal experience, I can assure that they know how to show a crowd a good time. There’s so much more to the Seattle based rapper and producer than meets the eye—the same men who made the catchy, lighthearted tracks like “Thrift Shop” and “And We Danced” also speak out about social issues, such as marriage equality, in “Same Love.” The Heist was one of the most anticipated albums of the year, and since its release back in November, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have earned themselves quite a supportive following. Believe the hype, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dish out lyrical poetry that does not disappoint.

Selecting two hip-hop artists from the lineup was a happy coincidence, but MOD SUN is definitely one of my favorites. The hippy-hop artist is all about being happy, spreading posi vibes, and living life to the fullest— or the highest. I guarantee that you’ll leave his set with a huge smile on your face and a fresher perspective on life. Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a fun atmosphere needs to let MOD SUN be their guide.

Warped Tour:


Like the combination of Old Bay seasoning and french fries, RDGLDGRN makes two things that seem like they’re totally wrong for each other work. Based outside of Washington, D.C., RDGLDGRN is an indie go-go group that blends hip-hop music and indie rock together. Members of RDGLDGRN hide their identities as RED (guitar), GOLD (bass and vocals), and GREEN (vocals and guitar). The group has also collaborated with Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D.) and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana).

This year, RDGLDGRN released their debut EP, ‘Red Gold Green,’ which features their breakout singles “I Love Lamp” and “Million Fans.” (“Hey O” is my personal favorite.) RDGLDGRN may be new on the scene, but they’re going to blow up by next year as they continue to impress audiences across the nation. This is the group that everyone should have their eyes on at Warped Tour.


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