POZ Friday Discussion: My First Warped Tour

July 16, 2010— one of the sweatiest summer days of my life.

See, I was a late bloomer— I didn’t start going to Warped Tour until I was a junior in high school. My main reason for attending the event was solely so I could see The Summer Set with my concert crew for what had to have been the third time in the same year. (I had a huge crush on John Gomez at the time, so no one could talk me out of riding the PATCO into Camden and exposing myself to endless humidity). I have no shame, but everyone who knows me won’t ever let me forget it.

The whole day felt like the summer camp experience I never had growing up. Buying merch in the tents, getting pushed around in mosh pits, freaking out before and after I met bands, and listening to live music all day long with my closest friends— there was never a moment where I didn’t have fun.

My other priority bands for the day had included Motion City Soundtrack, The All-American Rejects, 3OH!3, The Pretty Reckless and Mayday Parade. Obviously, my taste in music was in its prime way back when. Looking back, I can’t believe my ridiculously high level of devotion for someone who didn’t even know I existed caused me to overlook bands that I like so much more now. I mean, I missed out on an opportunity to watch Fake Problems, Automatic Loveletter, You Me At Six, The Rocket Summer, and MIKE POSNER. (I still facepalm  about the one that got away…)

In conclusion, don’t ever compromise your music morals for a boy in a band. I totally changed my ways the following year.


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