All hail Yeezus.

I’m not the biggest ‘Ye fan. Never was and never will be. I’ll be honest, it has taken me years to get into Kanye West. I remember secretly liking “Gold Digger” when I was in middle school- I didn’t really understand what a pre-nup was or the nonsense that was going on in the video, but that didn’t matter. “Love Lockdown” became an annual anthem at my high school dances and “Good Life” was a classic jam. After I settled on being what I would call a “fan” of Yeezy, he went and dissed Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards. At the time, I practically preached Speak Now, but regardless of where my loyalties laid, I was so disgusted by his behavior that I swore of Kanye West for a while. (These days, I’m starting to think that Kanye had to have foreseen the future and was possessed by some higher being because Beyonce has been crowned as our Queen now. We all bow down.) But it’s so easy to hate on someone you don’t know based on how they are presented in the media.

Trust me, I know how great Kanye West is. I know that he is one of the most talented rappers of all time. But that doesn’t mean that I have to like him. I can appreciate his music without actually caring for him as a person. Over the years, it was never a shock to me that Kanye somehow manages to portray himself negatively, but I could never understand why he wanted to. See, it was never that the things he said were wrong, it was the way that he chose to say them. Despite all of this, he continued to produce groundbreaking music on his own terms. So I made a personal choice to separate the man from his music, and I have always been content.

For weeks now, everyone at Billboard has been freaking out about the Yeezus release. The .com staff haven’t been able to stop talking about him with good reason, but I was still convinced that all the hype was overrated. And then this week, The New York Times interview surfaced and every music news site dubbed it “narcissistic.” Since there was no way of escaping it, I sat in my cubicle and decided to read all 5 pages of the article. Instead of rolling my eyes, I found myself nodding my head…in agreement. Kanye made so many valid points that I actually respected. (And tons of hilarious quotes that I plan on applying to my regular life.) It was then that I had no doubt in my mind that the new album would be a reflection of this mature attitude that he maintained. And just like that, I was drawn in like the rest of the world.

So when I found out that Yeezus leaked today, I wasn’t really sure how to react. Yeezus might be one of the most top secret albums in the works,but that doesn’t make it  immune from the inevitable leak. Initially, I intended on waiting to stream it through Spotify on June 18. But then the masses began praising Yeezus in all its glory on every social media site and I thought, “Why should I trust their word?” (TRUST NO ONE. Hahaha.) I wanted to hear it for myself and base my judgment around my own opinion. The decision had already been made and it didn’t take me long to get what I needed. For what it’s worth, I am happy to report that I was pleased with what I heard from all 10 songs. (Warning: The lyrics are vulgar, but that’s nothing new.) I really, really dig Yeezus. But none of you needed me to tell you any of this because all of you already knew.

In conclusion….


Personally, I don’t know if Kanye is a god, but Yeezus definitely converted me as a believer of the hype.

“Star Wars fur, yeah I’m rockin’ Chewbacca.”


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