BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW: Nylo- Take It Back

Yesterday, while I was in the Billboard office, searching for relevant music news on every music site known to man, I found something else. That something someone else was Nylo, an amazing upcoming electro R&B singer-producer from Chi-town (Chicago, IL). SPIN published a feature on her new single called “Take It Back,” a track off her upcoming mixtape, Indigo Summer which drops on July 16. After listening to the song once, I was hooked and proceeded to immerse myself in her Soundcloud. To my delight, almost all of her songs are available to download for FREE on her official Facebook page so like that s*** right now!


Does Nylo satisfy your craving for white chocolate? I just can’t get enough, especially after  Robin Thicke announced the release date of his new album Blurred Lines. (64 days and counting! July 30, 2013.) I’ve been finding a lot of new artists lately while doing research for various projects and articles at my internship, I’ll start posting them more often! :)


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