James Blake x H&M collab = Measurements

Ever wanted to know what James Blake feels like? Not literally, of course. I mean, his feelings. Well, soon enough, we all will because the British blue-eyed soul stealer is coming out with an exclusive shirt collaboration with H&M.

“We approached James because we liked his style and grey is set to be this year’s new black,” said Sylvia Morrison, UK spokesperson for H&M.

The “Measurements” line includes three styles: “God, I Miss Her”  (charcoal grey with an albany collar); “‘She Never Knew I Loved Her” (metallic blue-grey with short sleeves); “It Always Rains When You’re Gone”  (light grey long sleeve with two buttons). All of the shirts are organic button downs.

“They have so much detail and the wide range of colours is enough to give you a headache,” said Blake in a statement.

Now when James Blake’s voice makes you shiver, you’ll have something to warm up your cold, beating heart.

The “Measurements” line is set to launch this summer, sometime next month (July) in the U.S.


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