BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW: 78Violet- Hothouse

Formerly known as Aly & AJ, the Michalka sisters are back with a new name and a new sound. 78Violet has blossomed into something much bigger now that they don’t have the restrictive branches of Hollywood Records blocking their path.

Today (7/8), the duo officially released their hot single “Hothouse” as well as a new music video to keep the hype burning. It’s got a Lana Del Rey vibe with the narrated monologue intro and the two girls walking aimlessly through abandoned grounds, but I think that they pull it off. (Remember that time when T-Swift attempted to use this technique in “I Knew You Were Touble”? Gold star, you tried.)

It’s been a while, but it feels so good to have the ladies behind 78Violet in full bloom for the season. “Hothouse” is another tune I’ll be adding to my summer jam list. I can’t wait to watch them perform tomorrow night at the Gramercy Theatre :)

“You stand so still
Hiding on the corner
Waiting for the sign
To come, I come”


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