SKINS- Fire (Episode 1, Part 1)


“Skins” has returned for one final season starring favorites from Generation 1 and 2. In the premiere episode of the “Fire” series, we stroll into the whimsical life of everyone’s favorite basket case, Effy Stonem (Kaya Scoledario). Several years have passed since we last saw the troubled teenager, but now she’s got a consistent job that’s literally on the market, so it seems like Effy’s finally got her life under control. (Unfiltered translation: She’s got her s*** together.) The new and improved Effy works hard and is determined reach the top by doing whatever it takes.

Of course, we learn that looks are always deceiving. Effy’s supervisor- who is distracted by a flame in the office- takes advantage of  her, and Effy is always covering for her co-assistant who only spends most of her time sleeping and smoking when she’s not messing up on the job.

Additionally, Effy’s home life is rather unsatisfying- she lives in an apartment in London with former school pal Naomi (Lily Loveless), who is constantly on the rocks with her girlfriend Emily (Kathryn Prescott). The strained friendship only gets worse after Effy takes some risks in the work place that could be costly for her position if anyone finds out. Just when things are finally starting to heat up, something tragic happens, but we’ll have to pick up where Effy left off next week in Part 2.

Skins airs every Monday at 10pm on E4. Watch Part 1 of this episode below:


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