POZ Review: 3OH!3 – Omens

With a title like Omens, it should not come as a surprise that 3OH!3’s fourth album has a dark twist to it. Sean Foreman and Nat Motte haven’t released an album since 2010, so they have had plenty of time to figure out the direction they wanted to go with the record. Say au revoir to the catchy collaborations with pop sensations like Katy Perry and Ke$ha.

On Omens, the duo is back to handling business in their own hands, re-focused on producing an album that sticks to the basics of what they founded their music on— unique beats that hit hard, and words that you wish they never said out loud.

The opening track Omens builds up the drive as the duo chants “three, three, oh, oh, three, three” repeatedly behind synthesizers. Produced by Motte, the sounds on “Eyes Be Closed” don’t classify in any particular genre, ranging from bullhorns to lasers.

It almost seems like the boys are back on “You’re Gonna Love This,” an instant favorite that will make any listener smile while they have the time of their life. When the bass drops, the dance off is on. Foreman and Motte may be older and wiser, but that doesn’t mean that 3OH!3 is more mature all of a sudden, and their lyrics are proof of that lack of growth: “Yeah I smell it on your blouse / You’ve been seeing someone else, so / Go fuck yourself.”

The duo is known for joking around, but is this album in on the joke too? I mean, as long as no one takes the lyrics literally, there aren’t really any major problems. (Aside from the mention of trending hashtags and celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.) Besides, 3OH!3 keeps the party alive by not taking things so seriously. It’s all meant to be ironic anyway, right?

While some songs are more promising than others, and will cause a hysteria of clapping and dancing when played live (“Youngblood,” “Back To Life”), others will make the listener want to bang their head on a table to put themselves out of their misery (“Hungover,” “Black Hole”). In between the feel good jams are tracks that simply feel out of place and break the flow. But it’s tunes like “Live For The Weekend” and “Two Girlfriends” that remind us who we’re listening to — two goofballs from Boulder, Colorado who haven’t changed their frat boy habits since their college days.

3OH!3 continues to show us a good time the only way they know how — by partying hard until they pass out. “Omens” is not a total flop, but 3OH!3 has done better. Perhaps we should all do as the duo suggests in the song “Do Or Die”: “Throw your phone away and let the night decide.”


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