BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW: Lana Del Rey- Black Beauty

Don’t you love when demos leak? With a black on black theme in mind, this new LDR song is all about the dark side of love. “Black Beauty” is not so much about lacking color, as it is about having a dark soul. Sometimes, things are bitter before they are sweet though. Lately, I’ve been incorporating Lana’s music into the soundtrack of the melodramatic moments in my life! This new track gives off a sultry sadness vibe.

“Black Beauty” is an alleged feature on Lana’s sophomore album, which has no expected release date at this time. Of course, the song’s title comes from the classic children’s novel of the same name, written by Anna Sewell in 1877. (The book supposedly advocates for treating people with “kindness, sympathy and respect,” something that I believe the song also shares in a sense.) Way to be deep, LDR.

You have no room for light 
Love is lost on you 
I keep my lips red 
To seem like cherries in the spring 
Darling, you can’t let everything seem so dark blue”


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