SKINS: Pure (Episode 3, Part 1)

Wow, lovely, Cassie is back and she’s living a life that’s so…pure! No drinking, no smoking, no sex. Cassie is doing everything on her own terms in London. She’s waiting for something– or rather, someone with wholesome intentions. All I can say is, you go girl! There’s nothing wrong with that. Based on this episode, it is evident that Cassie has grown since her reckless, teenage days battling eating disorders, drug abuse, and dysfunctional relationships that ended with a broken heart. Sadly, Cassie and Sid are no more, but who knows what will happen in Part 2! I’m still hopeful that they’ll be together again. They have to be- their love was so pure! Tainted, but pure.

“Cassie is seeking some kind of purity, something that will make her life meaningful and worth living. So a lot of that is about relationships – a pure kind of love. Is it inevitable that things get tainted as we get older? All that sounds very fanciful, but purity was a word I thought about a lot while we were filming.”-Hannah Murray



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