BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW: Chance The Rapper- Everybody’s Something

Directed by Austin Vesely and produced by DJ O-Zone, the insightfully trippy video for “Everybody’s Something” displays a transparent Chance rapping in gleaming Chicago sky lines, hand-written letters, and clips from historical films and news controversies.

With the song’s hook being “Everybody’s somebody’s everything/Nobody’s nothing,” the video was destined to make a profound impression in its own way. At one point, the 20 year-old rapper tries to have some real talk with God, tweeting “@God Are you there? It’s me, Chancelor”.

Chance goes deep in every sense of the word, channeling his words of wisdom with complimentary atmospheres. Despite how people portray themselves, everyone has insecurities underneath their persona. Evidently, we all exist for a reason beyond our own comprehension.

Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rap” mixtape has been acclaimed as one of the most standout records of 2013. As an unsigned artist, Chance The Rapper continues to showcase his artistic vision and does so with clarity and precision.


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