FKA Twigs- EP2

FKA twigs’ (formerly known as twigs) EP2 is minimalistic in the sense that as a solo performer, the London based artist didn’t have to do too much in order to leave all listeners speechless once more. As the follow-up to her highly acclaimed self-release debut from 2012, Tahliah Barnett sets herself apart as one of the most ambiguous contenders in the game by producing music that fuses elements of R&B with the fresh cuts of trip-hop.

Opening track “How’s That” is the first spark that ignites the flame. Evoking a warm and steamy sensation, the song floats with ease as twigs breathlessly asks, “How’s that…feel?” behind a trippy tick-tocking beat, chased by a pulsing bass drop. The manner in which her voice echoes makes it sound as though everything is a figment of imagination coming from a warped world in the back of your head.

“Make me everything you want/ Never tell me no,” twigs begs on “Papi Pacify.” This next track is where the EP starts sending chills down your spine. Somber sensuality passes over like the silhouette of a shadow that’s always waiting behind every figure radiated by the sun. FKA twigs’ lush vocals roll over as she moans and pleads for the clarification of her devotion. Warning: There is nothing that anyone could have done in order to prepare for all the eargasms that directly ensue as a result.

“Water Me” trickles down from the eardrums into the bloodstream until it’s in sync with your metronome-beating heart. It’s a simple but emotional song about a complicated relationship that suffers from stunted growth. The chorus captures the deeper meaning behind the track best: “He told me I was so small/ I told him water me / I promise I can grow tall/ When making love is free.” The song is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time as twigs carries the heavy burden of bending and breaking for the sake of love.

“Ultraviolet”— not to be confused with the term “ultraviolence” notoriously associated with A Clockwork Orange— is the dreamiest song on the EP. “You know you give me love/ with your ultraviolet rays,” she seductively gasps. The serene track leaves the album trapped somewhere between fantasy and reality. Though the listener is left alone, they will have found comfort in their solitude.

As a re-introduction to the artist formerly known as twigs, EP2 shows that less is more. Even though EP2 is only four tracks deep, FKA twigs gets listeners hooked because her minimalistic work is completely satisfying whether it is taken apart or assembled as a whole.

Hands down, EP2 is one of the best discographies released in 2013. Everyone should keep their eyes and ears open for FKA twigs in 2014— she’s a stunning star that shines bright.


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