“I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned…”

I joke about how much I can relate to “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach,” but it’s only because I’m amused by how much I can apply what Lauren Conrad and the other women on that show experienced in their televised lives to my own. I always felt so distanced from them not only because of the age gap and other key demographics, but because of where they were based: LA. The activities that they were doing– from interning/working at places in LA like ElleTeen Vogue and SONY, to traveling to extravagant places like Paris and Cabo– were things that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do because of where I was at in life, literally. I always thought that maybe I would do them eventually once I moved somewhere else, but surely not under the age of 25.

I was wrong.

I haven’t 100 percent followed in LC’s footsteps, but I have accomplished similar things. A year ago today, I left the U.S. to study abroad in London. During those four months, I traveled across Europe and tasted the world. In the past four years, I have interned in New York City, Philadelphia, D.C. and London. I have achieved some of my wildest dreams– I am a paid reporter for Seventeen and Pigeons & Planes, and my university has molded me into a Student Media Leader. I’m only 21-years-old, how did this all happen?

And now I am approximately four credits and four months away from closing the chapter that is college. I don’t have a post-grad job yet, and I probably won’t for a few more months (I hope), but in some ways, I feel like I’ve already got a head start. My experiences have made me a child of the universe, and that’s the most special thing I could possibly be at this point.

Now, this song is more than the theme of “The Hills”– it’s a scripture for the journey ahead in 2015 and beyond. Your roots always start somewhere; don’t be afraid to let them grow and expand elsewhere. You don’t belong anywhere– you belong everywhere. The world is yours for the taking, carpe diem!

“Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.”


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