Sydney’s Story



Raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, Sydney E. Gore was the coolest Syd on the block before she could walk the walk and talk the talk. Though her heart has always belonged to the west coast, she had an affair with New York City as soon as she entered her roaring twenties. Sydney lives vicariously through books, film and television. She is fully convinced that her life is a cancelled ‘90s sitcom series, and music is her boyfriend forever. Rumor has it that Sydney is a ham, but don’t take her word for it– see how she does it in 140 characters or less on Twitter (@sydegee).

While studying Journalism and Marketing undergrad at American University, Sydney has served as Music Editor of The Eagle, Managing Editor of PropertyOfZackWVAU DJ and Events/Promotions staff, Student Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator of the Student Union Board (SUB), Student Ambassador for the School Of Communication (SOC), and part-time sales associate at Urban Outfitters. Sydney’s intern experience also includes editorial at SeventeenBillboard, All Things Go, and social media for sweetgreen. While embarking on foreign adventures while she studied abroad across the pond in London, Sydney interned at Songlines Magazine contributed some of her writing to The 405.

Fun fact: One time, Sydney met Michael Cera at the movies and she swears, in that moment, it was infinitely awkward. Another time, she interviewed Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in a hotel suite. She can confirm that they are all pretty cool dudes.



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