Music Monday: The Boy Least Likely To

Across the pond, The Boy Least Likely To has been hiding in Wendover. Influenced by independent bands from the 1980s, Jof Owen and Peter Hobbs create enchanting indie pop songs using instruments like banjos, glockenspiels, recorders and fiddles. Hobbs and Owen are also co-owners of their own record label, too young to die, which they produced all of their […]

Music Monday: Miniature Tigers (8.6.12)

Charlie Brand (vocals, guitar), Rick Schaier (keyboard, drums, vox), Brandon Lee (bass, vox) and Algernon Quashie (guitar) make up the indie pop band known as Miniature Tigers. Since 2006, they have been dazzling the indie world with their catchy folk/psychedelic/electronic pop songs. From 2006 to 2008, the band released 3 EPs: Octopus, White Magic, and Black Magic. In 2008, they finally […]

Music Monday: Jukebox the Ghost (7.9.12)

Jukebox the Ghost is an indie rock trio from Washington, DC/Philadelphia, PA. Tommy Siegel (vocals, guitar, bass), Ben Thornewill (vocals, piano, keyboard, accordion) and Jesse Kristin (drums, percussion) all met while they were attending college at George Washington University (GWU) in 2003. The name Jukebox the Ghost originates from the blending of a Captain Beefheart […]

Music Monday: Real Estate (7.2.12)

Lately, New Jersey’s reputation has been improving and this band is another reason why. Hailing from Ridgewood, New Jersey, indie-rock band Real Estate formed in 2009. The band has undergone a few member switches as of last year, but new and old, the current lineup is Martin Courtney (vocals, guitar), Matt Mondanile (guitar), Alex Bleeker (bass), […]