#tbt #GOVBALL2015

Every year, Governor’s Ball seems to get bigger, but not necessarily better. As far as event turn out is concerned, an estimated 50,000 people were in attendance from June 5th-7th, which might be a new record for the festival, but it was an overwhelming environment when trying to roam through the muddy fields. There were […]

A reBUTTal to “say no to thongs”

It’s 2015 and there are still articles published on The New York Times that try to politicize women’s bodies and their choices. At the time, I’m sure that Hayley Phelan’s intent was harmless with “Young Women Say No to Thongs“– she merely spotted what seemed to be a radical new trend in underwear preference. What happens down under is […]


Have you ever spotted a thot at the club that you wanna do the shmoney dance with, but aren’t exactly sure how to approach? Let the single “Hey QT” do the talking for you. On this catchy cute track, SOPHIE and producer A.G. Cook have teamed up as power duo QT. Together, they will literally solve all of […]

Michael Cera- True That

It’s no secret that Michael Cera, one of Canada’s finest specimens, was born to do great things. When he first emerged on our screens in Arrested Development in 2003, everyone immediately saw that this kid had pure comedic potential. This week, an album called “True That” randomly made its way to Bandcamp under the name of […]

Through the Looking Glass: How does Lewis Carroll critically examine British society & culture through the lens of a child?

 My final essay for my British Life & Cultures course from my semester abroad in London. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is a classic tale in the lives of most children. Whether we have seen the movie or read the book, people around the world know all about Alice and her travels to Wonderland. Written […]


My final essay for my Media in Britain course during my semester abroad in London. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  Before “Goldfinger” was adapted into a major motion picture film in 1964, it was published in 1959 as one of the first books in the original James Bond series written by Ian Fleming. In relation to the representation of […]