Hop Hop Hoppy Easter!

My Mom sends the most adorable care packages! The Easter Bunny’s got nothing on her…or Peter Rabbit. Even though I couldn’t spend Easter Sunday with my parents and grandparents, my godmother invited me over for dinner which is always a lovely time. Sometimes I get so caught up in what I’m doing that I forget […]

POZ Review: Wild Belle – Isles

Wild Belle siblings Natalie (vocals) and Elliot Bergman (multi-instrumentalist) use their Chicago roots to coalesce elements of rock and roll, jazz, reggae and a pinch of folk for an eclectic sound. The duo’s debut album Isles, out this month,sends listeners on a musical voyage with eleven fresh songs soaked with good vibes. Opening with their breakout single of […]

Petty politics.

For the record, I am a member of The Eagle staff. More than that, I am Assistant Editor of The Scene. So when anyone accuses the writers of yellow journalism, you are insulting me too and I don’t appreciate it. Oh, and as a survivor of Eagle Rants, I’m getting real tired of all the […]

POZ Review: Ducktails – The Flower Lane

In the midst of winter’s cold shoulder melting away, Ducktails’ (side solo project of Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile) latest album The Flower Lane brings listeners one step closer to spring with 10 songs blooming with groovy vibes. “Ivy Covered House” has a chill demeanor with a funky guitar that complements Mondanile’s lax vocals. It […]

Throwback Tunesday: JoJo

I consider this a throwback to the 90s… Today, Nylon announced that R&B-pop singer JoJo released a new music video. This can only mean one thing: SHE’S BACK. All of my musical obsessions from the 00s are returning and it feels so good: Aaron Carter, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child…all I need is 3LW and I’ll […]

DIIV- Wait

Super digging DIIV’s new music video. I suppose Zachary Cole Smith leaving Beach Fossils was for the best… I’m so lucky that I had the chance to see DIIV perform last summer- one of my favorite sets for sure. I’m also glad that I have seen Sky Ferreira up close and personal too. And now […]