Band-Aids can’t cover the pain you’ve caused me; they may temporarily hide my wounds, but I’m still bleeding underneath the bandage. Eventually, the blood will dry and the cut will close. Even though the scab can be picked off and slowly peeled away, it will scar and remain as a physical evidence that what happened […]

POZ Review: Slingshot Dakota – Dark Hearts

Slingshot Dakota has been keeping fans in the dark with the long-awaited release of their debut album, Dark Hearts. The indie punk duo composed of Carly Comando (keyboard, vox) and Tom Patterson (drums, vox) make Dark Hearts an accurate title, as the music emits a darker energy that will make the happiest person sink into a state of semi-depression […]

POZ Review: Further Seems Forever – Penny Black

Further Seems Forever is back with original frontman, Chris Carrabba, on its fourth studio album, Penny Black. Earlier this summer, rumors of Carrabba’s return seemed too good to be true, but after listening to this album, it’s like he never left. The chemistry on Penny Black has never been hotter between Josh Colbert (guitar), Derick Cordoba, Nick Dominguez (guitar), Chad […]